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what-is-acne-2MZn.jpegFed up with Acne?

Diamond Acne Cure -the most reliable treatment for acne known to dermatologists, to your door!

Acne sufferers in the UK spend many years trying different creams and tablets. Some get a partial improvement, some get no response and some are told nothing further can be done. Most are not given the best options for a long term result. So people carry on living with acne which slowly builds embarrassment, withdrawal and begins to leave scars.

We believe that in the twenty first century, acne is no reason to hide. Diamond Acne Cure provides the only treatment with the highest cure rate combined with close professional supervision and excellent quality monitoring. No matter how long you have had acne, you’ll see results within four weeks and will feel in much more control of your skin. Many people are clear in four months and feel a whole new sense of confidence.

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Why choose Diamond Skin Care?

85% of our AcneCure patients are ‘spot free’ by week 16

We have over 15 years' experience providing specialised acne treatment

Throughout your treatment you will have phone and email access to your own dedicated consultant 

Because at Diamond you will always be seen by a consultant dermatologist

What happens at your appointment?

Before you begin your acne treatment plan, you will have a consultation with a Diamond Skin Care dermatologist at one of our clinics. Your dermatologist will be responsible for your ongoing care throughout your acne-cure treatment programme, and during the consultation a record of information surrounding your medical background, family history and sometimes occupation and lifestyle will be taken. After examining your skin, your dermatologist will discuss your diagnosis and management plan.

During your acne treatment plan you will have monthly consultations with the dermatologist responsible for your on-going treatment. At each appointment your consultant will carry out short skin examinations to monitor your progress. On some visits you will be required to have blood tests so that your dermatologist can make sure that the medication is having no adverse effects. If you are female, you will also be required to undertake a pregnancy test at each of your appointments.

Your treatment plan will be built around you. Your next steps will be thoroughly explained, and written information and instructions on your treatment will be provided. Depending on your weight and the severity of your acne, the dosage and treatment length will vary.

85% of our patients receiving oral retinoid treatment are virtually clear of acne by week 16!

Diamond Skin Care has clinics in Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

What happens after your appointment?

Within 3 days of your appointment, you will receive a letter with a written record of your consultation. A copy of this letter will also be forwarded to your GP and other specialists involved in your care unless you request otherwise.

Throughout your programme, you will have access to your dermatologist by telephone or email to answer any concerns or queries regarding your treatment. This may be determined by the availability of the dermatologist in question.

Your next appointments can either be booked on the day of your consultation, or can be made over the phone, or by email, or you can  book online and we currently hold acne-cure consultations in Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Fixed price, only £125 a month. 12 month 0% interest payment plan!

This includes all consultations, blood tests, pregnancy tests and medication. Alternatively you can pay over 6 months or the total up front if you wish. There are no other hidden costs, the price covers you for 6 months of treatment. 

What our patients say

C.C - Norwich


"My treatment has been very valuable. I was embarrassed about my skin for several years, especially at work. The treatment has worked well on me and my spots are all gone. My scars have also had a chance to heal well. I was concerned that the medication wouldn’t work on me as I had cystic acne but I saw the benefits after around 3 weeks. I hope that the spots will stay away now that my treatment is ending."

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