Emma Mitchel - my job role

Posted 17/02/2016 : By: Ellie Blazey

I joined Diamond Skin Care Ltd in September 2013. I began as Dr Rallan’s part time PA. In a short period I have watched the company grow with the consistently high demand for expert dermatology services within East Anglia. This has made my role ever evolving and now as regional manager I over see the logistical and operational productivity within DSC. This ranges from clinic locations to overseeing office dynamics and co-ordinating medical staff. I have a hands on approach, regularly dealing with production promotion and client care. Office management is a integral aspect of my job, maintaining a happy work place for all staff to boost company efficiency whilst collectively expanding our product range and accessibility to East Anglia.

On a personal note I have enjoyed the variety this role has offered. Being a member of a growing company has allowed me to be exposed to all aspect of company and business development. The ability to be hands on with patient care then switch to company expansion is something that makes me want to get up and come into work in the mornings. The potential I can see within Diamond Skin Care means I'm highly invested in my career within the company and also gives me motivation to do everything I can to make it a continuous success. The amount of progression we have made in the last 2-3 years highlights to me that we are on the right page to becoming one of the largest if not the largest dermatology company in the UK. 

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