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Diamond Eczema Care is the first dedicated programme for complete eczema control.

Most people with eczema spend many months, even years, going back and forth trying different creams and medication with little or no support. Without adequate monitoring and support long term results are unachievable, leaving you back at square one.

So as such, we have developed Diamond Eczema Care the only complete service combining continuous management with expert care. Your skin care team will provide ongoing treatment and support to ensure long term results. With direct access to your dermatologist, eczema will never be a cause for concern again. Don’t let eczema interrupt your life.

To book an appointment with your dedicated dermatologist call, 01603 819125!

Dedicated care, Designed by experts, Delivered to your door.

Why choose Diamond Skin Care?

  • You will always be seen by a consultant dermatologist
  • We have over 15 years experience of providing eczema treatment and diagnosis
  • Our Eczema Care package provides long term monitoring and treatment from your own dedicated dermatologist
  • We do not require a GP referral for any treatment or procedures

Whats included in your Eczema Cure programme?

Before you begin your treatment plan, you will be seen by a Diamond Skin Care dermatologist at one of our clinics for a consultation. Your dermatologist will be responsible for your ongoing care throughout your programme. A record will be taken of information surrounding your medical background, family history and sometimes occupation and lifestyle. After examining your skin, your dermatologist will discuss your diagnosis and management plan.

With our Eczema Care package your dermatologist will decide on a treatment path individual to your skin's needs. You will be able to contact your dermatologist via telephone or email throughout your care package, alongside monthly face to face consultations. Treatment will vary dependent on the severity and type of eczema you have so that your eczema can never be a cause for concern again.

We have clinics in  Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

Types of Eczema packages available 

Diamond Eczema Care

Our eczema care package provides you with complete eczema control. Included within our package is:

  • Monthly consultations with your dedicated consultant dermatologist
  • Telephone and email access to your dermatologist between consultations
  • The costs of any treatment prescribed by your dedicated dermatologist - this can either be sent to your home address or picked up at your consultations

One-off consultation

If you only want a one-off eczema consultation for a quick diagnosis, our consultant dermatologists can help. You can book a one-off eczema consultation with a consultant dermatologist who will be able to advise you on the best treatment options and how to avoid any future flare-ups.

What our eczema patients say?

L.P - Norwich


"Very happy, quick polite service. Would highly recommend. Thank you."

J.H - Great Yarmouth


"I am very pleased with the outcome following my diagnosis with Dr Rallan. One week on and my condition is steadily improving"

J.R - Lowestoft


"I had spent many months back and forward to my GP and the clinician solved my problem instantly which has enabled me to get on with the things I enjoy."

N.T - Great Yarmouth


"Dr Rallan made a quick diagnosis and gave good recommendations for future treatment."

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