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Dermatology clinics

Our dermatology clinics

We currently have two dermatology clinics in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. Both of our clinics are run by Dr Rallan, who is the creator and head consultant of Diamond Skin Care.  With over 15 years experience of working both in the NHS and private clinics, Dr Rallan has vast knowledge and experience of treating a wide variety of skin, hair and nail diseases. 

Services Available

Below are a list of services available at our dermatology clinics. Due to the nature of some procedures, the availability of some of our services may not be available at all clinics. If the treatment you require is not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we can create bespoke treatment plans around your needs.

Standard Consultation Urgent Consultation
Acne Treatment Skin Cancer Screening and Monitoring
Eczema Care Mole Removal
Psoriasis Treatment Skin Tag removal
Phone advice Mole Mapping
Cryotherapy Botox
Hyperhidrosis Melasma
Rosacea Hair loss
Vitiligo  Nail diseases

Why choose Diamond Skin Care?

  • You will always be seen by a consultant dermatologist
  • We have over 15 years experience of providing expert dermatology services
  • We do not require a GP referral for any treatment or procedures
  • We can provide one-off and long term treatment packages

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