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Dr Deepak Rallan

Director and Chief Consultant

I am the founder director of Diamond Skin Care. DSC was created in 2007 after working in dozens of hospital dermatology departments over 15 years, covering much of the UK. I had become dissatisfied with the quality of care I saw and the quality of mentoring I was able to give to my trainees and staff.
My vision was to create an enterprise that would listen at every level to the needs and wants of the patients and commit to developing, at every level, the people who build and provide the service.
My focus today, is to create the best systems, which support and develop the best in people, with the aim of creating and delivering the best dermatology services in the land.
We're getting there - one step at a time!
Contact - info@diamondskincare.co.uk https://uk.linkedin.com/in/deepakrallan


Emma Mitchel

Senior Manager

I joined Diamond Skin Care Ltd in September 2013. I have watched the company grow with the consistently high demand for expert dermatology services within East Anglia. My role as regional manager is to over see the logistical and operational productivity within DSC. This ranges from clinic locations to overseeing office dynamics and co-ordinating medical staff. I have a hands on approach, regularly dealing with product promotion and client care. Office management is a integral aspect of my job, maintaining a happy work place for all staff to boost company efficiency whilst collectively expanding our product range and accessibility to East Anglia.

Contact - emmamitchel@diamondskincare.co.uk  uk.linkedin.com/in/emmamitchel

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