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At Diamond Skin Care we aim to continuously design and create the most innovative dermatology services that will connect the best technologies, treatments and experts with patients in fast and convenient ways, so that a skin condition never becomes a cause for embarrassment, withdrawal, worry or loss of self esteem.

Over 10 years’ experience of how dermatology care is provided in the UK has led to us developing the patient-focused philosophy behind Diamond Skin Care.

Our goal is to offer high quality skin treatment, tailored to your needs. Our first-hand observation of health care standards in the majority of NHS hospitals over the past decade has revealed wide ranging differences in the quality of care between institutions. Some are good and some are not so good but, as a private organisation, Diamond Skin Care strives to be consistent in delivering excellent service.

There is a far broader gap between conventional private medicine and public-funded health care than is often thought. Many services in the private sector offer cosmetic surgery and aesthetic dermatology, while NHS services cater for patients with critical skin disease.

Few organisations exist to offer affordable, private medical care exclusively for patients with skin conditions, but we do. You don’t need a GP referral to see one of our dermatology specialists. At Diamond Skin Care, our services are geared heavily towards patients that require medical expertise delivered to high standards. Dermatology clinicians manage, direct and own Diamond Skin Care, meaning that we have constructed the organisation from top to bottom with our patients in mind.

Delivering the best quality care is at the very heart of all that we do at Diamond Skin Care and it is rooted in the 3 principles of founder Dr Deepak Rallan, an experienced dermatologist with over 10 years experience: Science, Skill and Service.


The very latest treatments and advances in the understanding of skin disease are at our fingertips, from theoretical research published yesterday to the latest drug on the market. Everything available and relevant is discussed with you, allowing you to decide which treatment plan is best. You also benefit from quarterly updates on scientific developments related to your skin condition.We are under no obligation to withhold treatment options on account of availability, although we will only advocate those that have been extensively researched, studied and validated.


If you or your family have ever been misdiagnosed – and mistreated as a result – you will understand the importance of medical skill, which is where our experienced dermatologists can help. We believe that there is no substitute for experience. To this end, the committed medical and nursing personnel at Diamond Skin Care have an investment in their continued education and professional development. Our reasoning is simple: Diamond Skin Care is not just skin deep, it’s about skill. Every senior consultant at Diamond Skin Care has a minimum of 6 years’ full-time, exclusive dermatology practice experience. You will always see a senior consultant in charge of your care, as well as junior staff.


Skin disease can be sudden, disruptive and affect your quality of life. You may well already know what it feels like to have to wait weeks for an appointment.We understand that demands on your time and energy mean that you or your family have to be able to consult a dermatologist when it’s best for you and according to your needs. At Diamond Skin Care, you choose whether that means right now, in the next few days or next week. Our approach and these 3 principles not only prioritise our patients but also empowers our dermatologists to provide the high standards of care that they are passionate about delivering.

Diamond Skin Care is the trading name of Diamond Skin Care Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Registration No: 6423505

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