Mole Checks and The SkinSafe Clinic 

What’s different about a mole check at the SkinSafe Clinic?

  • Complete full body check using advanced early detection called dermoscopy
  • Your screening is carried out directly by a dermoscopy specialist
  • Instant peace of mind and action plan. No waiting for reports

What is Diamond SkinSafe?

Diamond SkinSafe is the most advanced skin cancer service for immediate peace of mind and a life free of worry about skin cancer.
Most people rely on family and friends to pick up or watch their suspicious skin growths and moles. Seeing a doctor and then waiting for specialist assessment and treatment can mean many weeks of worry and asking yourself, “Could it be cancerous? Could it spread?”
Sun screens and sun protection did not really exist 30-40 years ago and sun damage in childhood is a major risk factor for skin cancer in later life. Spotting an advanced skin cancer is easy enough, but catching the earliest changes is a highly specialist area. Skin cancers generally have no symptoms.

Advanced skin cancers are difficult and sometimes impossible to treat. Yet early skin cancers are essentially curable!

Diamond SkinSafe uses the best early detection technology (digital dermoscopy) in the hands of trained experts. This allows for a magnified, polarised light examination beneath the skin’s surface. Specialists can therefore detect the earliest changes or abnormalities beneath the skin’s surface which the eye misses over time.

We are the UK’s only specialist founded skin cancer screening and monitoring programme.

‘Every one knows that early detection saves lives, but not everyone knows how to detect early.’- Dr D Rallan, International Academic Expert in Dermoscopy and Chief Dermatologist, DSC Ltd

What Happens On The Day?

You will be seen by a senior specialist, with or without a junior specialist present. Details of your medical background, sun exposure background and family history will be recorded.
You will be required to undress down to the undergarments and a female chaperone is always present. The first examination position is lying on your front with arms above your head, palms facing down. Your specialist will then examine each area covering the feet, lower legs, thighs, back (torso), neck area and arms. The second examination position is lying on your back, arms above your head, palms facing up. Each area is examined as before including the face and forehead.
Within each area, some moles or freckles may be selected for a detailed photographic and dermoscopic record. They are generally the darker or more irregular looking moles and the purpose of recording is to ensure that they are stable (unchanged) despite the unusual appearance. These will be marked with a washable skin marker during the examination prior to photography. Sometimes, a (ultrasound) gel is applied to the skin for the dermoscopic photograph.


What Happens If skin cancer Is Found?

Your specialist will let you know if they are concerned about any of the growths or moles on the skin. You may opt to have surgical removal if required through our service (discounted for programme members) or, you may choose to be referred into the NHS which we can arrange via your GP. We have skin cancer screening clinics in Norwich and Great Yarmouth

With any cancer, nobody should have to wait or worry – ‘Early detection, Life Protection’.

To book an appointment or to make an enquiry, call our experienced team on – 01603 819125, email us at or book online

Choose SkinSafe Today if you have 2 or more of the following:

A large number of moles
A fair complexion
Previous excessive sun exposure e.g by occupation or pastime
Childhood or early adulthood sunburns
Been a regular user of sun beds
Had previous treatment for sun damage or precancerous areas.


Service includes
Full body skin examination by a trained dermoscopist
A digital dermoscopic record of any concerning lesions
A record of your appointment that can be sent to your GP

Training and advise on how to spot skin cancer

One FREE follow up for any concerning lesions (within 3 months)

What are the costs?


Choose SkinSafe Life if you have any of the following:

A previous history of skin cancer
A family history of melanoma

Mole Safe Life is designed to protect those with the highest risk of skin cancers.


Service includes
Full body dermoscopic assessment every 4 months
FREE drop in consultations for any urgent skin cancer concerns
FREE mole photo assessment – if you note a new mole or growth between appointments but cannot attend immediately, just send us a picture and we will provide free consultant assessment.
Digital photographic record of more atypical moles.
Free treatment of any precancerous areas found on routine examination. This prevents the areas from developing into skin cancer
Digital Dermoscopic record (non-invasive 1mm into the skin) of relevant lesions
15% discount off any required surgery

What is the cost?

£50/month following your initial mole check