Mole Removal by Expert Dermatologists

Why chose Diamond Skin Care

  • Appointments within 3 days! 
  • Procedure performed by a consultant Dermatologist 
  • No prior consultation Needed! 

Whether you have health concerns about a mole, or if its affecting your self-confidence, our skincare experts can remove your unwanted moles.

Moles are lesions of various sizes and colours that appear all over the body. Moles can be either flat or raised and come in a variety of shapes. Moles are extremely common, yet can have a large impact on self-esteem and confidence, so whether your want an unsightly mole removed, or want to get a suspicious mole checked and removed, our consultant dermatologists can help.

How does mole removal work?

In general, most mole removals are usually carried out under a local anaesthetic which numbs the area surrounding the unwanted mole. The mole is then removed with a scalpel and the wound then closed with stitches. You can choose to have these stitches removed either at one of skin clinics or by your GP at your local surgery.

We are different!

No need for a consultation, we can book you straight in for the procedure if you fit the below criteria

The mole(s) are not on the nose or within the eye socket area.

The mole(s) are smaller than 1 cm (5 pence piece)

Moles that are raised are less likely to require stitches than those that are flatter.

If stitches are required you are booked back in with us 7 – 10 days after the procedure to have them removed at no extra cost.

Next step…

It couldn’t be easier to book a mole removal with Diamond Skin Care, Simply call 01603 819 125 or book online.

We will take your details and get you booked in for your mole removal at a time and date of your choice – no consultation needed!
If you would like a consultation prior to your removal to discuss the details of the procedure this can be facilitated with no extra cost.


On any one day we can do up to a maximum of three moles due to the anaesthetic dose needed.
1 mole removal – £400
2 mole removals – £450
3 mole removals – £500
This does not include histology (testing) if you would like histology this is a additional cost of £75 for up to three moles.

What happens at my appointment!

You will receive any aftercare information you need after your mole removal has taken place. A record of the appointment can be sent to your GP if you wish but this will only be done with your permission. Your specialist will let you know if they are concerned about any of the growths or moles on the skin, and what your next steps will be.
To book your mole removal, please call 01603 819125, or email us at, book online or use our contact form above on the right where one of our customer service representatives will contact you within 48 hours.